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Tyneside Outdoors' Raise a Smile Campaign.

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

We're aiming to raise money for our youth groups with our Raise a Smile whilst Outdoors Campaign which will be running throughout December!

At Tyneside Outdoors (TO) we understand the vast amount of health benefits being outside brings and we're pleased to see that so many people are out discovering this too- especially in these difficult times. The outdoors is a great place to raise a smile. Whether you're passing a fellow walker on the moors, or a regular dog walker in the park, a smile and a nice hello quickly follows suit.

The situation is well known to TO's Youth and Community Worker, Gerard New...

‘As most people know, if you pass people in the park or out in the countryside, you almost always get a hello and a smile. Over the years, when we've taken groups walking in Northumberland, it's great to have young people ask, as we pass by another walker and say hello, "Do you know them?” The effect after this is that they tend to say hello to everyone they walk past and love the fact that these strangers are saying hello!’

In these strange times TO are eager to increase awareness of the positive effects a smile and hello can bring, such as stress relief and increased happiness, as well as the physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors. This is why we’ve been so keen to ensure our Youth Work in Newcastle and South Shields has continued within the new Covid-19 guidelines.

As a charity TO’s work is dependent on charitable funds raised to cover the cost of the activities provided for young people, whether this is bike related activities for TO’s Temple Raiders bike group in South Shields or the regular park games, walks and bike rides for TO’s West End Outdoors Youth Group in Newcastle. Helping young people enjoy a ‘great growing up’ through a range of outdoor activities is our charity’s main aim.

For our campaign fundraiser we’re asking people to help TO Raise a smile with young people on Tyneside by sponsoring a smile outdoors. The challenge is simple, just count the amount of smiles you receive from others while you’re enjoying the outdoors and make a donation, telling us how many smiles you counted. Our aim is to raise money for our youth groups whilst also increasing positivity in the community. We’d love this campaign to continue throughout December, despite the cold weather and the current restraints on people’s lives, it’s important to remember...

We’re all in this together!

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