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About: Temple Raiders


This group meets on Monday evenings 6pm to 8pm.

What we do?

This group takes part in bike related activities or as we like to describe it, having as much fun as we can on-bikes!  As with all our groups, the focus is on youth group members developing, personally and socially, on-a-bike, through their adolescence.  Whilst the group follows no specialism in terms of the biking, they will take part in BMX Racing, Mountain Biking, Cyclo Cross and Cycle Speedway, as well as a range of game-based activities on a bike. We also provide regular bike maintenance activities and training.

Who can join?

If you are aged 11 to 18 you can join this group.


This group meets at Temple Memorial Park (by the leisure centre). See the location below!

How do I join?

Please enquire below for more information about our next taster session.

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