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Volunteer Bike Mechanic

With our new venture 'TO bike' open in South Shields we're keen to engage the support of our local community and to provide opportunities for to learn and develop new skills and experience.

As Volunteer Bike Mechanic you will assist the delivery of: bike repairs, servicing, refurbishment and maintenance of bikes within Tyneside Outdoor’s shop, TO bike.  This will include services provided to customers of TO bike and to bikes donated for refurbishment/recycling.  Also included within the role is the provision of good practice advice and guidance to customers on the use, care and maintenance of their bikes and equipment.  Included within this is the expectation of work with children and young people, as customers.


Sale of bikes and accessories -  You will assist with the provision of a reliable source of good value spares and accessories to customers, ensuring additional income to the shop and providing a valuable service to the local community. 


All staff at TO bike are expected to provide a welcoming, safe and clean environment for customers, members of the public, volunteers and staff. 


In addition to the roles specifically identified within this Role Description, other duties deemed appropriate for the role may also be required.


A current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosure Certificate is required for the post.


Responsible to – Shop Manager


Key Responsibilities

  1. To assist with bike repairs, servicing and maintenance facilities for customers of TO bike.

  2. To assist with generating income from the bike repairs, servicing and maintenance facilities.

  3. To assist with the provision of sale of bikes, bike spares and accessories to customers.

  4. To provide general good practice advice and guidance on riding and repairing bikes safely, with particular attention to bike safety, bike care and maintenance.

  5. To maintain a safe working environment for yourself, staff, volunteers and members of the public.

  6. To maintain a working environment where tools and equipment are kept secure and safely out of reach.

  7. To maintain a record of sales, repairs and maintenance on bikes and equipment.

  8. To attend meetings with managers and other staff when required.

  9. To adhere to instructions and advice regarding the health and safety of staff, volunteers and participants in TO’s activities and to take steps to support a high standard of health and safety at work.

  10. To take appropriate action to ensure your own health and safety.


Person Specification

Volunteers in this role will be reliable and trustworthy individuals able to take responsibility for their own professional approach to the role and the organisation. 


Volunteers will remain courteous in their role and report any difficulties to their line manager.


Volunteers will need a high degree of professionalism when dealing with enquiries and contact with customers. 


Volunteers should possess a good level of bike mechanics, cycling infrastructure and a range of cycling disciplines.


A high level of trust and reliability is essential for the role.

Key attributes for the role;
Trust ­­- Reliability - Punctuality - Confidence - Assertiveness - Teamwork - Problem Solving - Customer Relations - Listening Skills.

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