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A Long-Awaited Summer! Spend Yours with Tyneside Outdoors

Over the past 16 month, today's generation have put down their electronic devices to play, explore and spend quality time outdoors with their friends and family. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage in parts of the world, it is slowly retreating in the UK and we need to continue the momentum of this positive change! Tyneside Outdoors are here to support you this summer!

Here are four crucial ways young people will benefit from being outdoors with Tyneside Outdoors this summer:

1. Vitamin D

The “sunshine vitamin” is produced when the sun’s rays interact with our skin. These minerals are important for healthy bones, teeth and muscles which are essential for the growth of young people! Sun exposure also plays an important role for managing a good night sleep, increased mood and other psychological benefits and preventing obesity. Although we cannot guarantee a blazing hot sun, we can guarantee constant laughs, fun memories, new activities and a day in the fresh air!

2. Exercise

According to the NHS, young people aged 5-18 should be active for an hour every day, and getting outside with your friends is a perfect way to do it! Exercise not only brings the body a vast amount of health benefits but it also plays a role in reducing stress and improving one’s mood. Being outdoors opens endless opportunities of ways to exercise: walking, football, bike riding, tennis, badminton, kayaking or fugby (football with a rugby ball... it is harder than you think!) FYI, young people at Tyneside Outdoors are very competitive so make sure you have your game face for all the fun and enthusiastic activities!

3. Appreciation of the great outdoors

So much of our world is changing, and some may say not for the better. It is more important now than ever that young people appreciate the outdoors and the experience the world they live in. Young people should be digging in soil, seeing animals in their habitat, climbing a mountain, playing in a stream, or staring at the endless horizon of an ocean to really appreciate their local environment! At Tyneside Outdoors, we continuously promote the appreciation of the outdoors and local areas by travelling to the beautiful local parks and participating in outdoor activities across the North East. There is no better feeling than discovering and having fun with friends in a beautiful, local park!

4. Social interaction

Something we have all lacked over the past 16 months! Now more than ever, social interaction and spending time with others is something we have all been craving and what better way to do it than having fun outdoors? A wealth of evidence shows that positive relationships and shared activities contribute to our wellbeing. This is why interacting with others is a priority to us at Tyneside Outdoors. Not only do we promote physical and mental health and wellbeing, social development is at our heart. You will never feel alone when you're out with Tyneside Outdoors.

You can show your interest, ask questions or sign up to TO by heading over to the "Get Involved" or "Contact" page.

What better way to spend your long-awaited summer than exploring the outdoors with new friends at Tyneside Outdoors?

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