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Support TO's work

As a charity we depend on donated funds to develop our work and help people get out and enjoy the outdoors.  


There are a range of ways you can help us with our funding needs, but we would welcome any other ways you may be able to help.

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On our online fundraising page you can choose to support TO's overall work or choose from a range of funding campaigns according to which part of our work you would like to support most.

Donate online

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This way of giving takes your donation from your gross pay (before tax) and reduces the cost to you.  A regular donation of £10/month will cost you between £6-8 in real terms depending on your rate of tax.  For more information see

Payroll giving

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Sponsor our work.  We are always willing to discuss possible sponsorships with companies, organisations or individuals that support our aims of helping people enjoy the outdoors!


Thank you for your support!


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Join in our regular fundraising events such as The Tyne TO'er, sponsored walks... and sometimes more adventurous events.  Why not join in the fun at one of our regular fundraising Tea for TO events, or organise your own, and raise money at the same time.  

Get in touch to find out about our next event and how to get involved!

Become a TO Fundraiser

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