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Case study:John Paul continued

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Because of my involvement with the group I realised it was a good thing I was doing and it started to feel like the stress from my home life was lifting the more I went out to the peace and tranquillity of the countryside.


Over time I had some of the best experiences of my life. I even had the opportunity to meet Prince Charles and my brother went to a garden party with the Queen. These were things we would never have had the opportunity to do before.


As if all of this wasn't enough, the leaders of the group nominated me for a place on the journey of a lifetime. I was ecstatic!  With everything I'd gone through at home I couldn't believe I was getting this chance.


The trip was to go to the USA for a month and travel from New York to the Caribbean. Travelling through all the different states and seeing some of the richest and poorest people. This put my life into perspective.


As time went by and I became older I wasn't able to continue with the group, this because I was working full time to help my family. The voluntary work I had taken part in with the group helped me prepare for working life.


Today I have been with my partner for close

to 20 years and married a long time. We have two

beautiful children and I'm still working hard.


This I believe all coming from the "YES" I was

given by the people in the group. It changed my

life for the better and I am eternally grateful.


I believe more kids in poor areas should be given

opportunities like the ones I had. I can't thank

these people enough.

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